SWC Resources

Steve Wanless Consultants Resources is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing developments that will and are impacting your business.

Through multi-subscriber studiesannual subscription services, confidential membership programs, we give our clients knowledge that delivers timely, insightful, value-added services that can be used to achieve a competitive advantage.

SWC Resources identifies key developments and issues with an anticipated impact on your business/sector and proposes concepts for further study tailored to specific clients. The scope of the study may include anticipated impacts, the competitors affected, and the strategic reassessments which may be merited as well as other topics identified by the clients.

Annual Subscription Services:

The SWC ‘Hotel SnapShot’ Report™ is our proprietary monthly studies into regional hotel performance and trends.

We work with;

  • businesses and owners directly
  • developers
  • fund managers
  • banks and institutions
  • media

Drop us an email and we will ring you back for an informal chat about your requirements and how we could help give your business the insights to compete effectively.