About us

SWC Digital your digital marketing experts based in Cornwall but working all around the UK and overseas.

We are a close-knit family of strategic thinkers, designers, web developers, copywriters and project managers that work well together to offer a comprehensive start-to-finish approach to any digital marketing project.

We provide services to our clients in two ways:

Marketing Consulting 

We bring the marketing skills you need when you need them and can help you with;

  • E-commerce – what can you do to transform your online store.
  • Digital marketing – Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect and engage with their current and prospective customers.
  • Branding – we work with ambitious leaders to transform their business. We use brand, strategy and innovation to bring business to life.
  • Business development – what innovative strategies to take in order to grow your business.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Think of us an integral part of your team and we can help deliver digital marketing services that are effective to your organisation.  We will work as a retained specialist or come in as and when you need our help on any digital marketing aspect.
  • We work with organisations of all sizes and budgets to deliver compelling and effective web stores and marketing.

Where we came from.

We started out in business consultancy helping clients around the world with strategic and tactical approaches to making their marketing effective.  We guided businesses new, old small and large with projects or worked as an integral part of their team to make things happen.

Over the years the importance of digital marketing became more and more important and the focus of our client work tended to be more in this field of marketing so we have changed our brands positioning and now specialise in key sectors where we see the opportunities for our clients are huge and could provide positive disruptive effects for their business or organisation.  We still provide marketing consultancy and integrate our digital marketing expertise.

Our expertise.

We now have a team of highly qualified and creative skills.  We have people that are MBA qualified from the top business schools. Our innovators and creatives have generally been to top universities but we are more interested in their ways of thinking.  We are also working with other specialists and bring their skill sets to client issues when needed – we like to think we can do most things but to maintain the world-class standards we set ourselves we want to work with the best in any specialist fields.  This means clients can expect the best of the best work.

How we like to work.

SWC Digital like to think and work differently but our work is based on sound and effective project management techniques.  We are here for our clients so we listen to their needs, clarify their objectives and work with them to create a project plan that meets their needs.

We like to talk simply, in a language that makes sense and always provide visual and written clarification so we are always working together and moving the project forward.

We aspire to offer world-class services and are proud to limit the number of clients we work with to maintain these standards.  As far as money is concerned it is true that we are not the cheapest but can work with clients on ad hoc projects or as a retained team of specialists.  Non conflicting retained clients means you will be delivering digital marketing that sets your organisation apart from the others.

Ask us about our payment options that make world-class digital marketing affordable for everyone.

Drop us an email and we  will ring you back for an informal chat about your requirements and how we could help.

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